Scientists, making better open tools, for scientists.

Like our users, the team at Open Science Tools are nearly all active scientists. From a wide range of fields, from all over the world.


Jonathan Peirce, PhD.

Founder and CEO

Jon is the creator and maintainer of PsychoPy, and has been the driving force behind PsychoJS and as well.

Michael MacAskill, PhD.

Founding Director

Mike is one of the early adopters and contributors to PsychoPy and one of the busiest supporters on the forum.


Alain Pitiot, PhD.

JavaScript Developer

Co-Director of Ilixa Ltd., affiliated researcher at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute.

Becca Hirst, PhD.

Science Officer

Psychology post-doc at Trinity College Dublin.

Sotiri Bakagiannis, MSc.

JavaScript Developer

Thomas Pronk, MSc.

JavaScript Developer

PhD candidate at University of Amsterdam

Todd Parsons, MSc.

Python Developer

Graduate and former technician from the University of Lincoln.


The shareholders have all contributed substantially to one or more of our projects. Mostly their time has been volunteered in evenings and weekends on tops of their 'regular' jobs.

David Bridges, PhD.

Former developer for the project, with a background in Psychology.

Erik Kastman

Research software developer at Harvard University.

Francois Morvillier

Co-Director of Ilixa Ltd. and professional software developer.

Hiroyuki Sogo, PhD.

Associate professor at Ehime University, Japan.

Jonas Lindeløv

Assistant Professor at University of Aalborg, Denmark. Basic and clinical research in cognitive neuroscience.

Jeremy Gray, PhD.

VP, Research and Development at and former professor in Psychology at Yale and Michigan State.

Richard Höchenberger, PhD.

Research engineer and scientific programmer at Inria Saclay – Île-de-France.

Sol Simpson

Director of LabHackers and iSolver Software Solutions Ltd, Canada.

Matthew Cutone

PhD candidate at York University, Canada.